Smart Home Premium Products ( ₦ 1,500,000.00 )

A great way to improve ease and efficiency when it comes to a single apartment, this Productsage has been carefully crafted to improve the quality of life for parents of toddlers. Including full installation, our smart home experts will deliver and install the full Productsage within 14 days of your order. Would you like a more customised system? No problem just contact us and we will be able to create your own smart home system for you.

Products Included

  • Smart smoke dictator 1pcs.
  • Bathroom sensor 1pcs.
  • TV Controller 3pcs.
  • DSTV controller 3pcs.
  • AC controller 3pcs.
  • 1 gang smart switch 2pcs.
  • 3g Router 1pcs.
  • Wifi Repeater 1pcs.
  • 2 gang smart switch 3pcs.
  • Gas dictator sensor 1pcs.
  • Smart CCTV 1pcs.
  • Door sensor 2pcs.
  • voice activation device (choice of Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini) 2pcs.

Productsage Price

₦ 1,500,000.00

System Benefits

  • Control your lighting by motion sensors, or by using portable light switches.
  • Create wonderful colour lighting effects.
  • Control your Air-condition systems by with your phone.
  • Use your phone to control all your electronics.
  • Control your water heater systems by voice commands.
  • Use your voice assistant to help manage diaries and reminders.
  • Request any music by voice command.
  • Use the voice assistant as a home intercom.
  • Use your voice assistant to learn.
  • Request radio stations, audio books, weather forecasts and calendar events by voice command.
  • Automate your lighting to improve their bedtime routine.
  • Get a phone alert when there is gas leakage in your kitchen.
  • Get an alert in your phone when smoke is sensed in your kitchen.
  • Improve the wake up routine with automated lighting.
  • Control your power system remotely (lights, AC, TV, DSTV, ETC).
  • Bathroom light triggers ON upon door opening.
  • View your apartment from any part of the world in real time.
  • Get an alert when someone force open your door/windows.
  • All rooms control their electronic devices independently.
  • Enjoy wifi connectivity all over your environment.
  • Automate your windows blind with voice control.

Services Included

  • Supply, installation and configuration of all products.
  • Training on operation, including specific voice commands.
  • Customised automation set up (e.g. heating and lighting based on location and timing).
  • 2 months free direct phone support.

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