Building management made simple

Transforming buildings from grey to green.

Commercial facilities, industrial and public buildings consume over 60% of the world’s electricity and produce over half of all global carbon emissions. Power digitalisation transforms building operations and helps achieve a more sustainable future.

Move from Reactive, Break-fix Maintenance to Predictive, Condition-based Maintenance

Reactive (after failure)

  • I can only react when failure happens
  • I cannot prevent downtime
  • I need to replace my equipment more often
  • Urgent maintenance is expensive. High cost of process loss, urgent intervention cost
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Preventive (Time-based)

  • I can anticipate failure
  • I can mitigate risk, but catastrophic failure is still a risk
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Predictive (Condition-based)

  • I predict assets failure and reduce downtime
  • I protect my staff
  • I optimize my maintenance scheduling
  • I will be in position to enhance my maintenance costs
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What is building management?

Reduce energy spend and accomplish energy sustainability goals:

  • Understand how energy is consumed throughout the facility and proactively detect abnormal energy usage.
  • Use energy normalisation tools to monitor energy in the context of production for energy intensity KPI tracking.
  • Automatically generate energy performance, carbon reduction, and regulatory compliance reports.
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Maximise power availability and electrical system performance:

  • Install power metres to get real-time visibility of power flowing through the facility from mains to final distribution.
  • Use relays and breakers to isolate faults, shed non-critical loads and automatically transfer to alternate power sources.
  • Track electrical capacity in all circuits to balance circuits, avoid overloads and ensure sufficient backup power availability.
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Minimise the impact of power disturbances and prevent equipment malfunction and damage:

  • Power Quality Instruments (PQI) for accurate and reliable power quality monitoring and disturbance capture.
  • Specialised diagnostic tools including disturbance direction detection, load loss detection, and incident timeline analysis.
  • Power quality correction equipment including active harmonic filters and dynamic voltage restorers.
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Avoid downtime, reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment:

  • Install sensors and smart devices with onboard diagnostics to enable predictive and condition-based maintenance.
  • Proactively send alerts if a setting changes, a hot spot develops, or equipment components are wearing out.
  • Partner with Digital Service Providers for expert decision support and remote monitoring services.
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Save money by reducing energy spend:

  • Monitor facility energy use with revenue grade monitoring at service entrances.
  • Compare utility bills with internally generated “shadow bills” and check for billing mistakes.
  • Install capacitor banks to improve power factor and lower electricity bills and avoid paying surcharges.
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Digital retrofit solutions for buildings in three easy steps

Power digitalisation plays a foundational role in active energy management and efficient facility operations. Retrofitting electrical systems with smart devices and using power management software to improve energy efficiency and reduce risk is a great investment with a typical payback of less than two years.


The power digitalisation process is based on the collection of energy usage, power quality, and electrical asset performance data.

There are many different types of devices, such as PowerTag wireless energy sensors, that measure energy consumption and make power measurements available via communication protocols.

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Streamline activities that were previously tedious, manual, or not done at all. Use Redefine Smart Tech Power Monitoring Expert, our EPMS software, to automate processes, simplify tasks and free up human resources to work on higher-value activities and projects..

Redefine Smart Tech Power Monitoring Expert helps energy managers and facility management personnel evaluate energy usage, track energy performance and manage energy costs.

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Capture the power of an all-digital, all-electric infrastructure for a more sustainable, resilient, efficient and people-orientated building.

Integrate your EPMS and share energy and power information with other management systems such as Redefine Smart Tech Building Operation and integrated workplace management systems.

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